Twitter FollowFriday v2.0

Hi again,

If you read my previous post about FollowFriday’s you’ll know why I’ve decided to take a different approach to FollowFriday. If not, you can read “Taking Back FollowFriday the Chris Brogan Way” for the back story.

In April, it’s all about Zen…

April’s been a busy month, but a productive one. The highlight for me was definitely completing the ZenProfits Blog Marketing Blueprint and getting it to market. It’s with that in mind that I’d like to thank the following awesome people this #FollowFriday for their help and support without which none of this would have been possible.

ZenProfits Blog Marketing Blueprint

ZenProfits Blog Marketing Blueprint

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20 free eBooks about Social Media

Jolly by BeBz @ deviantART

Jolly by BeBz @ deviantART

I stumbled onto a great resource list while playing with Zemanta‘s ReBlog feature.

The post was written by Chris Brogan and contained a list of 20 free eBooks about Social Media that Chris found one morning when looking for something to read.

  1. The New Rules of Viral MarketingDavid Meerman Scott
  2. Marketing
  3. Masters of MarketingStartup Internet Marketing
  4. Podcast Marketing eBookChristopher S. Penn
  5. Google Adwords SecretsSEOBook
  6. Get Viral Get VisitorsStacie Mahoe
  7. Marketing With Case StudiesDynamic Copywriting
  8. How to Write a Marketing PlanGeisheker Group
  9. SEO for WordPress blogsBlizzard Internet
  10. Social Web AnalyticsSocial Web Analytics
  11. Geeks Guide to Promoting Yourself With TwitterGeekpreneur
  12. The Zen of BloggingHunter Nutall
  13. What is Social MediaiCrossing
  14. A Primer in Social MediaSmashLab
  15. Effective Internet PresenceEffective Internet Presence
  16. Introduction to Good UsabilityPeter Pixel
  17. Increasing the Response to Your Email Marketing ProgramCRM Transformation
  18. We Have a Website. Now What?Craig Rentmeester
  19. Blogs & Social MediaPRSA
  20. The Podcast Customer RevealedEdison Media Research

This should make for some great reading, I recognize some of the names on this list and these people are passionate experts who like to educate, inform, inspire and entertain.

If you’ve read any of these eBooks, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your views.