Creative Packaging Design

Your packaging design influences your customer’s choice to buy your product or that of your competitors. Let me help you create desirable packaging that engages prospects and wins you customers.

Freelance Graphic Design


Meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to packaging perfection ensures engaging packaging designs which stand out from the crowd and convince potential customers to choose your product.


All my creative packaging solutions are designed to integrate and enhance your existing branding, ensuring that your brand message is never diluted and that design components can be re-used on successive campaigns.


By clearly understanding your brands unique offering I can guarantee the production of engaging, unique packagin design that engages your target market, makes a positive first impression and converts browsers into buyers.

Packaging Design Pricing

The 3 packaging design options provided below cover my most common requests, but can be further customized to suit your individual needs if required.


Packaging Design
  • Packaging design solutions perfect for start-ups and small budgets.
  • 30 Minute Design Consultation
  • 2 Designs
  • 3 Revisions*
  • 7-10 Day Turn-around
  • Project Support
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Packaging Design
  • Packaging perfection for established start-ups and small-med businesses.
  • 30 Minute Design Consultation
  • 3 Designs
  • Die Lines from Client
  • 3-5 Revisions *
  • 10-12 Day Turn-around
  • Project Support
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Packaging Design
  • Bespoke packaging designs for competitive brands.
  • 1-5 Hours Design Consultation
  • Market Research
  • 3-4 Designs
  • 5-7 Revisions *
  • Sourcing and Manufacturing
  • 15-30 Day Turn-around
  • Project Support
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Packaging Design F.A.Q.

What are the differences in price?

Truly great packaging designs take time and some projects are easier to design than others. The more time allocated to create and work through a concept or idea — the more likely it is that you’ll receive a better product. The prices are reflected above are based on hourly rates, specifically how much time is required to achieve your expectations.

Starter Package – This is the perfect option if you’re just starting out and don’t have a large budget. I’ll spend 30 minutes discussing the details of your project and the direction you want to take with your package design or label before dedicating 3-4 hours creating some concepts and give you 3 revisions of your chosen concept. This option will not provide you with die-lines.

Business Package – This design package is for growing businesses who may already have die-lines and are seeking to take their product to the marketplace.

Custom Package – This option is more suited to established businesses or corporations considering a complete re-brand of their packaging in a competitive marketplace. I’ll develop 3-4 creative concepts based on business goals and branding. I will also collaborate with your marketing team and project managers to achieve your desired goals and ensure delivery of designs that are on-brand and on-target. If you do’nt already have a printing partner, I’ll help you find one and will even help you source any materials if required.

What is design discovery?

Design discovery involves a collaborative session during which we meet via Skype or in-person to discuss your project and and answer important questions regarding your business goals and expectations. I’ll also gather information on what you’d like your package design to look like and the context in which it will be used.

What is a revision?

Upon completing the design concepts for your final product, you will asked to pick 2-4 of the concepts to be developed into your final packaging. Revisions can range from color adjustments, typeface changes, layout, positioning and elements to embellishments etc.

You're in Costa Rica, how does that work?

Although I am based in Costa Rica, I have many happy clients all over the world, from South Africa to Seychelles. I make sure that I am always available for questions and support via email, Skype or over the phone. I like to make sure that my clients are always kept in the loop and ensure that the design process is a collaborative and enjoyablel experience, I beleive in transparency.

How do we start working together?

All that’s needed for us to start working together is for you to contact me via my email form and provide some basic information about your project. From there I’ll schedule a Skype call so we can have a face to face discussion regarding your project, your requirements, expectations and budget to determine if I am the right person for the job before establishing a design brief.

I take an interest in your business growth and success and want to know how best to serve you and design the perfect packaging for your product that is on target with your branding and that resonates with your customers.I can also offer professional marketing advice where required.

How does the packaging design process work?

Once the design brief has been agreed to and finalized verbally, I encourage you to contribute ideas and samples of items and colours that you like as well those which you don’t. When I’m satisfied that I have enough information to work with, I’ll begin the project by researching ideas, considering concepts and then laying out the final conceptual designs which are forwarded to you for feedback. I listen carefully to your feedback and make the necessary revisions to your chosen concepts. This process of consultation and refinement continues until the packaging design achieves perfection and you’re stoked about the look and feel of you final product.

Request a Packaging Design Quotation

My packaging design rates are dependant on the specific features of your project as well as the degree of complexity. Packaging design quotes can be more or less than the estimates stated above depending on the final project specifications; I make a great effort to work with every client to develop a fully customized packaging design project brief to meet your budget.

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